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Eyeris Multi Touch White Board

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EyeRIS is the ground-breaking, feature-rich and portable interactive whiteboard system based on the pioneering Visual Touch platform from Cybernetyx which supports Multitouch, Multiuser and gesture based interaction on about any surface

The term Multitouch refers to the ability not only to detect physical touches and movements on a screen, but to detect and track multiple touches and movements simultaneously. Touch events are similar to mouse events, except that you can receive and track more than one of them at once, and touch events do not support mouse-specific concepts such as hovering.


  • Movement Detection Technology 3-D Optical Tracking
  • Active Area Upto 90 inch diagonal
  • Active Area (horizontal angle) 90 +/- 2 degrees
  • Tracking Speed 60-70 FPS
  • Ambient Light Resista


  • Surface Independent
  • Multi-Touch Multi-User Interface
  • Portability
  • Interactive Area