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Plimmer is a new generation of water treatment system that can treat ground or surface water containing high dissolved salts to produce clean drinkable water that meets WHO standards.


This high recovery system does not use any chemicals, consumes very low power and has the lowest opertaing cost for treating water when compared to any system in the market today.


Plimmer uses a purification technology based on the principles of Capacitive Deionization.


Capacitive Deionization is a technology for removing salinity from water. This innovative technology is used to desalinate water without using resin or membrane filters. It does not require chemicals to treat water and uses very low power to separate salts in water.


Purified Drinking Water at 2 Paise / Litre

  • Low Water Wastage - less than 15%
  • No Chemical Use during Treatment
  • Low Power Consumption - Works even with Low Voltage / Solar Power
  • Small Footprint - Can be installed in Schools, Community Centers...
  • Fully Automatic - Can be easily managed by Local Resources
  • Remote Monitoring using Internet / SMS
Treats All these in a Single Pass
Salts Metals Others
Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) Chrome Bacteria
Total Hardness Iron Humic & Folic Acid
Calcium Carbonate Arsenic Ammoria
Magnesium carbonate Nickel Chromium 6
Sodium Chloride Copper
Phosphates Zinc
Sulphates Cadmium
Chlorides Mercury
Nitrates Mangness
Fluorides Lead
Results of Raw water treated through Plimmer
Parameters Raw Water Treated Water Max Limits permitted IS 10500
Turbidity NTU 20 2 5 max
pH 6-8 6.98 6.5-8.5
Total Dissolved Solids
as TDS (mg/L) 900 180 500
Total Hardness as
CaCo3 (mg/L) 230 80 300
Calcium as Ca (mg/L) 120 35 75
magnedium as Mg (mg/L) 45 10 30
Chloride as CI (mg/L) 320 73 250
Fluoride as FL (mg/L) 2.48 0.9 1
Arsenic as As (mg/L) 0.3 < 0.01 0.01
Sulphate as So4 (mg / L) 260 54 200
Iron as Fe (mg/L) 0.9 0.1 0.3
Nitrates as No3 (mg/L) 160 26 45