Cybernetix device

Want to put your point across better to your students or your team? Turn any flatscreen TV, cubicle wall, whiteboard, or glass tabletop flawlessly "interactive" in no time with EyeRIS IX. It turns any flat surface into a giant tablet so you can interact with all your computer applications on a life-size surface sans a mouse or keyboard. Why should you purchase a interactive white board when EyeRIS can turn your existing whiteboard to interactive white board?

Automatic Calibration

Manually calibrating an ordinary interactive surface can be quite painful and time consuming. EyeRIS IX has a built-in mechanism to switch the tracked bandwidth of light to visible mode. This enables instant scanning of the surface of interest and automatic calibration.

Lag-free writing!

Real-time interaction and writing speed without any lag and superior interactive performance. Backed by the state-of-the-art anti-noise and anti-jitter algorithms - you"ll love the quality of interaction you get with your applications via EyeRIS.

High-speed tracking with a wide vision

EyeRIS has built-in high speed image sensors which can intelligently track and learn the environment, allowing for a seamless information control with any display. Built for the Future Small, compact and portable! EyeRIS is the future of man-machine interaction. It's the perfect answer to bulky touchscreens, mouse and keyboards!

Super-capacitive Stylus

Just in case you're bored of the finger-touch functionality you can use the sleek, ergonomic stylus that comes with EyeRIS. It fits in your hand like a pen, ensuring stress-free writing. Powered by a super capacitor, it works without batteries. Charge it for under 3 mins and it's good to use for a long 3-hour session.

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