RP series

RP Series Interactive Flat Panels

RP652, RP702, RP790

Advancing its international renown as a human technology provider and interactive flat panel expert in education, BenQ announced today the launch of its new RP Series interactive flat panels designed for the education market: 65" RP652, 70" RP702, and 79" RP790. BenQ believes that hardware and software play equally important roles in an interactive classroom environment. This philosophy has driven the development of the RP Series, which is aimed at facilitating student learning and collaboration in every respect.

Each of these new models thoroughly reflects the company's aspiration to bring the best interactive touchscreen experience into the classroom, and to help educators make the most natural transition from traditional lecture style teaching to truly collaborative learning. In particular, the 79" RP790 features a classroom-ready display of 98 cm in height and 174 cm in length; this generous display space quickly and easily replaces existing blackboards, whiteboards and interactive whiteboards. The RP790 also comes with a stunning 4K resolution, which boasts a pixel density of 55 PPI (Pixels Per Inch): marking the highest image clarity ever achieved, this stands as three times the PPI of today's mainstream interactive whiteboards in the 77" to 79" size range.


  • Multimedia I/O Interface Offering every port needed for teaching, from HDMI to touch USB, media USB, MHL ports, plus an earphone and microphone jack
  • Magnetic Area Situated at the lower bezel of the RP Series, the magnetic area allows you to attach your NFCPen on the display for easy storage.
  • NFC Sensor The NFC sensor is located at the lower bezel of the RP703. Within a simple tap with NFCPen, you can instantly activate the EZWrite3.0 annotate app.
  • Hotkeys For volume and input source control, as well as functions that help direct students' attention back to their teacher: Blank to darken the screen Freeze to pause the screen (available with remote control)


  • Screen Size -†70"
  • Backlight /Lightsource -†LED
  • Resolution (Pixels) - FHD 1920*1080 pixels
  • Brightness (Typical) - 300 nits
  • Contrast Ratio (Typical) - 4,000:1
  • Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) - 178 / 178
  • Response Time (ms) - 8ms
  • Color Gamut (x% NTSC) - 66%
  • Panel Bit (8 or 10) -†8 bit
  • Light Life (Typical) -†30,000hrs
  • Display Orientation - Landscape

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